Monday, February 27, 2017
By  Marilyn Golden

The kitchen is an integral part of your home. For the majority of busy families, it is the one room where all the family gathers together at the same time.

There is a certain warmth that comes with a kitchen that perfectly matches your needs. When homebuyers are looking for their next house, the kitchen is a room that can make or break their decision.

2017 is bringing with it certain trends and several of those trends are making it into the kitchen. We have done the research and have identified the kitchen features that home buyers are wanting in their next house.

Double Oven

The double oven is a convenience item that speaks to people that like to cook. For busy young families with kids, a double oven can be a necessity. Families with working parents need to be able to reduce cooking time if they ever hope to have a family meal.

A double oven allows for a working parent to be able to prepare a large meal in significantly less time. People pay for convenience and a double oven provides that in spades.

High-Neck Faucets and Deep Sinks

Deep sinks allow you to wash dishes without having water splash all over the counters. They are becoming more and more popular along with the “farmhouse” design. If you have a deep farmhouse sink, you can store more dishes in the sink and it makes cleanup significantly easier.

When you combine the deep sink with a high-neck faucet, you can fill just about any pot and wash it easily. This combination really opens up the cleaning area.

The finished look is chic and modern, something that today’s buyers are looking for. If your kitchen looks dated then it won’t attract a lot of attention.

Hidden Outlets

Nobody likes having to lug their crockpot all over the kitchen in order to find the only outlet in the room. Hidden outlets can help solve this problem and add even more convenience to the kitchen.

Putting an outlet underneath your cabinets or inside your drawers will keep them hidden but at the same time make them always accessible. Not having to deal with moving your cooking tools around is really nice and will make your kitchen more appealing.


Having ample counter space is the cornerstone to having an appealing kitchen. What better way to provide that space than with an island in the middle of your kitchen?

The island is generally most impactful for families with children. The increased counter space is great for serving space and additional cooking space. You can even transform the island into an informal eating bar by pulling up bar stools or high top chairs.

The island space is also extremely appealing to buyers who will want to entertain guests. Having the additional counter space is great for appetizers or socializing with friends.

In-Drawer Dishwasher and Trash Area

There is a common theme with each of these features and that is a combination of clean looks and solid functionality. The in-drawer dishwasher and trash container combines both of those qualities flawlessly.

Removing the trashcan from a kitchen can make it look significantly cleaner and gives off the impression of a nicer space. You simply replace a lower cabinet with a trash bin that you can move into and our of the wall.

The in-drawer dishwasher also helps to clean up the look of a kitchen. Often times, the dishwasher “breaks” up the look of a kitchen. The only downside to having a dishwasher inside of a drawer is the size. They usually have a smaller capacity than a normal dishwasher.

Coffee Bar

There is no denying that coffee has become a national craze. A majority of people can’t operate in the morning if they do not have a good cup of coffee.

You can take the area that is used for the microwave and create a little alcove around it. In this area, you can include a coffee maker, room to put coffee mugs, and a small refrigerator. This helps to move several smaller appliances out of the way of the main cooking area.

Installing a coffee bar into your kitchen can be a great way to give it just that little extra something special in a buyer’s mind.

Ample Lighting

Nothing makes a room more attractive to potential buyers that ample lighting and the kitchen is no different. Utilizing different layers of lighting is important in a kitchen and can take it to another level. One tip is to make sure that each part of the counter that is a workspace has an individual light.

If you have an island in your kitchen, consider adding a hanging pendant light to cover the island with light. There are few things worse than not being able to see if your food is cooked all the way through due to poor lighting.


Adding just one of these features to your kitchen can help it appear more attractive to homebuyers. Using your kitchen as a selling point is a good idea since so many homebuyers are focusing on this area of the house.

If you already have some of these features in your house, using them to help accentuate your home will allow you to increase the price and ask for a little more. If you are trying to decide where you upgrade your house before you sell, then take a look at your kitchen and see if improvements there would make a difference.

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