Friday, February 24, 2017
By  Marilyn Golden

St. Augustine is a city that has a ton of history. We love this city and everything that makes it unique, which is a whole lot! We did a little digging and uncovered some fun facts about the city that we love! 

1. St. Augustine Is The Oldest City In The Nation

St. Augustine was originally settled by the Spanish conquistador Pedro Menendez de Aviles in 1565. A local high school bears his name for this very reason.

St. Augustine was the seat of Spanish power in Florida until 1819 when the state of Florida was ceded to the newly formed United States. St. Augustine continued to be the capital until Tallahassee was named the state's capital in 1824.

The cities’ Spanish heritage can be seen in the local architecture.


2. The Fountain Of Youth Is Located Within The City

The Fountain of Youth has been a part of myth for a long time, but one Spanish explorer named Juan Ponce De Leon was told by local tribes that the fountain was located in Florida.

St. Augustine features a local attraction that claims to be the Fountain of Youth. This natural spring is open to the public to come and experience. The Smithsonian Institute began an educational dig at the site and uncovered several Christianized Timucua burial sites.


3. Was Home To The Oldest Lighthouse In The State

Even though the St. Augustine lighthouse is well known, it isn’t the original. St. Augustine was the site of the first Floridian lighthouse in 1824 built by the new United States Government.

The lighthouse was a converted Spanish watchtower designed to help ships find their way to the St. Augustine port.

The old lighthouse was destroyed when construction began on the new lighthouse that stands today. This new lighthouse is a family-favorite attraction for tourists who visit the city.


4. The Christmas Light Display Is One Of The Best In The Nation

If you haven’t experienced St. Augustine during the Christmas season then you are missing out. The city goes all out and puts up over two million Christmas lights all over the city. Businesses get in on the fun and fully coat their stores in lights and Christmas decorations.

Trolleys are available for visitors to take a ride around the city and take a look at all the historical buildings gilded in Christmas lights. The experience is so much fun that National Geographic put St. Augustine’s “Night of Lights” celebration among the top 10 light displays in the nation. 

The “Night of Lights” season runs from November 13 – January 31.


5. Has The Nation’s Narrowest Roads

Now, this is a wacky one! For anyone who has walked the historical streets of St. Augustine, it is easy to see that they weren’t originally built for cars. The roads were constructed way before Henry Ford even thought about the first Model T.

The US Treasury Street runs only 7 feet wide and is known to be a popular site to see for visitors.

The winding streets of St. Augustine are fun as you can stumble into architecture dating back to the 1800’s or even before! Seeing how our ancestors walked the streets is an experience that isn’t quickly forgotten.


Experience the Fun of St. Augustine

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