Wednesday, June 6, 2018
By  Marilyn Golden

Are you getting tired of looking at the same ole’ yard?

If you’re like us, then you are probably ready to get out and make a change. We’ve been looking at the same view since last Summer and we’d like our yard to be the envy of the neighborhood.

There is no better time to get out, enjoy the sun, and do some yard work than in the summer! Despite this, it can be daunting to get out there and redo the entire yard at one time. That’s why we recommend breaking it into smaller, simpler projects that can each be completed in a day.

Here are a few of the projects our team is looking forward to completing this summer.

Make a flagstone wall. Constructing a wall may sound like a multi-day task, but it’s actually much easier than you think because your wall only needs to be about 9 inches tall in order to make a BIG change! All you’ll need is a small number of materials (stones, gravel/sand, a digging tool) and some time to transform your lawn’s look. Some of the best stone to choose are limestone, sandstone, or shale. When choosing your materials, make sure you choose stones with a consistent thickness so the wall will be level once you finish. Lastly, save the biggest and best-looking stones for the top layer in order to make it look the best!

Create a focal point. A large garden can be overwhelming for visitors to look at because there’s a lot going on. Creating a focal point gives your garden something that immediately draws the eye and makes sure people are focusing on what you want them to. A centerpiece made with bright, flowery bushes or beautiful perennials is a great way of creating a pop that people will focus on immediately.

Build a path. One of the easiest ways to update or diversify the way your lawn looks is by adding a path. Whether it’s a charming stepping stone path, a classic crushed gravel/stone path, or a sophisticated set of stone slabs, you can design something that will fit your house and style. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to make a big improvement to your lawn’s look!


Build a firepit. Similar to the flagstone wall, building a firepit in your yard is much easier than you may think and can be done in a day. Fire pits add a great place for your family and friends to gather once it gets cooler. The materials you will need for this project are similar to the flagstone wall (limestone, sandstone, or shale) and in order to maintain a level surface only get stones that have a consistent thickness.

Whether you do one or all of these projects, your lawn will look completely different. Each project is simple enough to be done in a day and visible enough to make a huge change to your lawn’s appearance.

Grab a shovel, some sunscreen, and have fun!