Tuesday, June 12, 2018
By  Marilyn Golden

When it comes to summer, many of us dream of going to the beach or golfing on a relaxing afternoon so we can take it easy. But if you are a homeowner, then you know that Summer is not always another day at the beach!

There are many things you need to be on the lookout for as a homeowner that can negatively impact your home. These common mistakes are easy to make but can have a lasting impact that could result in losing big bucks.


Neglecting The Gutters

Let’s be honest here for a second…. When’s the last time you really cleaned your gutters? During the Summer storms, it’s easy for the gutters to get filled to the brim with leaves and other things that can cause some issues. When you combine full gutters with heavy Summer downpours, it can create a combination that can cause extensive and expensive damage to your home.

Many experts are now recommending a twice-annual cleaning schedule to keep your gutters clean.


Letting The Siding Slide

The exterior siding of your house is extremely visible to your neighbors and passersby. How it looks can either elevate you curb appeal or drag it down. While it’s certainly important to send the right message about your home’s cleanliness, there are other practical reasons to regularly clean your siding.

Over the Summer months mold, dirt, and pollen can steadily accumulate on the side of your house. If not dealt with, this accumulation can eventually lead to a shortened lifespan for your siding materials. Dealing with this issue is not cheap and will be a major hit to the wallet.


Overlooking The Roof

There are, of course, those ocean breezes during Summer that bring relief on hot days, but there are also the ferocious stormy gales that can present a huge problem and do considerable damage to your home’s roof.

Whenever we have a storm come through, make sure you don’t neglect to check your roof for damage afterward. It’s easy for shingles to get moved or even blown away by the high winds we can experience! This could potentially be an open door to roof leaks and water damage that could cause even more problems down the road.


Paying No Mind To The Pavement

It’s not easy to repair your concrete pavement during the winter and fall, which means there is no better time to do it than in Summer! Waiting too long can allow cracks and current damage to worsen irreversibly.

Repairing your pavement requires a latex or epoxy patching compound for best results. If you’re looking to give the repaired area a smooth, even look you can apply a chemical resurfacer.


Avoiding The Air Filter

One of the easiest tasks to do in the house is also one of the easiest not to do. Your air conditioner works overtime in the Summer months. When you don’t regularly clean or change the filter, it causes the A/C unit to work even harder to cool the air. A good cadence is to check and clean your filter once a month.

Using a washable filter, even though initially more expensive, allows you to reuse it. Over the long term, this will save you money vs. the cheaper one-time use fiberglass filters.