Thursday, May 31, 2018
By  Marilyn Golden

Smart home technology has become a huge selling point for many younger buyers and renters. If you are wanting to attract either of those people, you may want to consider adding some of these features into your home and making them a central part of your marketing strategy.

Being strategic to install the correct smart home technology can help make your home more attractive to tech-savvy renters and buyers.


  1. Smart Hubs

A “smart hub” is an automation system where the entire smart home can be controlled from one place. From this dashboard, usually on a smartphone, the user can control the lights, appliances, thermostats, music system, and much more!

This is a sought after addition that many tech-savvy buyers and renters are looking for. If your home has a smart hub, then it will instantly be more attractive than those that don’t.


  1. Home Security

There are many different options available for home security and it’s crucial that you find the system that works best for your area/situation. Smart home technology allows for amazing options such as “friendly motion detection” that can determine the difference between your dog moving around outside and a robber trying to sneak past.

Some options you should think through are:

  • Video doorbells
  • Outdoor facial-recognition security camera robots
  • Floodlight cameras with video feeds
  • Security automation


  1. Heating/Cooling

This addition can make your home more appealing AND save you big bucks on your energy bill! Smart home technology allows for dynamic heating and cooling that detects when the home is in use and can set the temperature to a preset number.

When the home is no longer being used, it will stop running the system as hard.

Another interesting feature is the “Smart Vent” options that help eliminate variable temperatures throughout the house due to differences in air flow. The smart vents will detect the temperature in the room and increase or decrease airflow as needed to match the preset temperature. These type of vents are not overly expensive and usually pay for themselves after a two-year period!


  1. Appliances and Lighting

Our world is becoming more and more like the Jetsons every day. This is nowhere more apparent than in modern appliances and lighting. When attracting millennial buyers and renters, this is where you will want to start first. Here are two things to take a look at:

  • Smart Refrigerators

These fridges do everything from playing music to allowing you to see what’s in the fridge while you’re at the store with little cameras. This is a little more expensive than other appliances but can be a big point of interest for millennials who are interested in the IoT (Internet of Things) explosion.

  • Smart Lighting

This is an inexpensive way to begin transforming your house into a smart home. Smart lighting allows for the user to control all the lighting in the house from their phone. Basic light bulbs needed for this can be found at almost any home improvement store. Installing apps that allow the user to control the lights from inside or outside the home are critical.